Family Friendly Hydration

The Importance of Kids’ Hydration For Health

Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day can be especially difficult for kids. Supplementing with an electrolyte beverage like SOS Kids Hydration x PAW Patrol is an easy way to help kids stay hydrated and healthy. Adding one stick of SOS Kids Hydration to 12 oz of water helps speed hydration absorption by 3x compared to drinking water alone.

Kids are particularly vulnerable to dehydration given their active lifestyles and fast metabolisms.

SOS Kids Hydration Helps To:


Maintain balanced energy throughout the day


Improve mental and physical performance;
2% dehydratation causes a 25% dip in mental and physical performance.


Recover after physical activity


Recover from fluid loss due to sickness

Added Vitamins & Minerals:

SOS Kids Hydration x PAW Patrol is a healthy 10 calorie hydration drink with low sugar with added Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Zinc to support immunity.

Children are able to reap all the benefits of multivitamin supplements in one tasty drink formula!

When to use SOS Kids Hydration x PAW Patrol:

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How much sugar is hiding in your child’s favourite sports drink? Or their favourite morning beverage?

Too much if you ask us.

SOS Kids is formulated with:

per 12 fl oz

Looking for a kids' hydration drink without the artificial additives and loads of sugar?
Look no further.

SOS Kids is:

  • Created by the same family that formulated SOS who wanted a “better for you” drink for their own young kids.
  • Low in calories, contains electrolytes, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.
  • A great tasting speedy hydration drink.
  • Make hydration fun with PAW Patrol & SOS Kids.

Better Ingredients Mum & Dad Can
Trust In Tasty Flavours Kids Love

SOS Kids is a specially formulated to be a better for you electrolyte, vitamin and mineral drink to:

Help boost your child’s concentration

Keep your child active safely

Replenish hydration quickly

Boost immunity with Zinc + Vitamin C

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